March 3, 2018 | Huston-Tillotson University


The WOAD Summit is a premier conference centering the voices of womayn of the African Diaspora, bringing together womayn from every field and passion to engage in a day of healing, love, and acceptance, along with co-conspirators (men and Eurocentric individuals) who want to learn how to better support them.


The WOAD Summit is about recentering the conversation about womayn of the African Diaspora from womayn of the African Diaspora.


With over 300 tickets sold in 2017, the WOAD Summit is focused on connections, experience and healing, where womayn of the African Diaspora connect with one another uninhibited by oppression allowing womayn to be free.

Join us in Austin as we meet, connect and learn.



"Counter Balance has refocused the conversation around healing. There is untapped power in that."



The conference will consist of panels, presentations and interactive break-out sessions. 

 9:00 AM  Attendee Check-In | Breakfast 

 9:30 AM Opening Ceremony

10:00 AM Opening Session


11:05 AM Block #1 (Listed below)

12:10 PM Lunch Keynote Panel:


1:15 PM  Block #2 (Listed below)

2:20 PM  Block #3 (Listed below) 

3:25 PM  Summit Adjournment      

4:00 PM  Global Market Place

               Panelist & Sponsor Networking Mixer 


5:00 PM  Marketplace Adjournment


Block 1
(11:05-12:05 pm)
  • #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomayn (Interactive Session)

    • Activist Mikki Kendall (@Karynthia) created the #Solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag in August 2013, prompting a vigorous discussion across social media about the importance of intersectionality in feminism, and challenge the ways in which women of color are sometimes excluded from conversations about feminist issues online. This session addresses the privilege white womayn possess and how to move from being an ally to a co-conspirator.  

  • #As We Saw It: A Chat with the First Black Women at The University of Texas featuring Virginia Cumberbatch

    • Join Virginia Cumberbatch, co-author of the soon to be published book, “As We Saw It: the Story of Integration at The University of Texas” for a conversation exploring the intersection of race and gender, as part of the historical narrative of integrating higher education. Virginiawill moderate a panel featuring some of UT’s first students of color. As We Saw It is a representative sample of the common experiences, unique trials, and unprecedented triumphs of UT Austin’s first generation of Black students from 1951 through 1975, and yet these stories transcend the Forty Acres, Austin, and Texas education. These phenomenal women will offer their experiences to help contextualize the past and present social and political dynamics of gender, race, activism and self-preservation.

  • #MyNameIsnt (Panel Session)

    • This session was inspired by the Spike Lee joint “She Gotta Have it” recently released on Netflix. Lee was inspired by Ms. Fazlalizadeh’s interviews about women “catcalling” experiences. Catcalling is a form of public harassment by men who feel free to comment on the bodies and demeanor of passing women. This session addresses the trauma associated with this form of harassment and ways that WOAD can empower themselves and other womayn to heal from it. 

  • #WomaynistReadIn Sponsored by the Afiya Center featuring Emma Robinson (Interactive Session)

    • Participants pick a book from the 100+ book mobile library, read for 45 minutes to an hour, and spend an hour discussing what they read with the rest of the room. Each discussion is unique, makeup of the room determines direction of the conversation. 

  • #GirlsLikeUs (Presentation Session)

    • #GirlsLikeUs was created by author, activist, and media personality Janet Mock launched her #GirlsLikeUs campaign in 2012 in an effort to bring awareness to the issues that affect trans women. This session will inform attendees of the historical and spiritual significance of existing outside the binary system of gender, explore how the complexities of living within the intersectionality of race, and gender and provide education on what solidarity with our non-binary sisters looks like.

  • #AfroLatina (Panel Session)

    • We are honored to bring The Mosaic Way's AfroLatina conversation to the WOAD summit. During this discussion you will hear from women that identify with being Afro-Latina and hear about their unique experiences. The goal is to educate and build community through this dialogue.

Block # 1

11:05 - 12:05 pm

Block 2
(1:15-2:15 pm)


  • #EffYourBeautyStandards (Panel Session)

    • This session will explore the Eurocentric standards of beauty in which WOAD have been forced to perpetuate, while also exploring how  WOAD have created their own ideals of beauty within the styling industry spanning from clothing to make-up to hairstyles, even challenging discriminatory practices regarding skin color and body size. Do we have a seat at the table when it comes to owning and more importantly profiting from Black beauty

  • #YouOKSis (Interactive Session)**

    • #YouOKSis was created by feminist thinker, blogger, and social worker @FeministaJones in August 2014. From a simple hashtag came a vigorous online discussion about street harassment, what makes it not OK ever, and how it specifically affects women of color.  From a simple hashtag came a vigorous online discussion about street harassment, what makes it not OK ever, and how it specifically affects women of color.  This session will feature some of Texas' most talented poets that will teach attendees how to use their voice to heal and empower themselves. 

  • #WhyIStayed/ #WhyILeft (Panel Session)**

    • This powerful hashtag was first used by writer Beverly Gooden (@bevtgooden), who, over a series of tweets, told her own harrowing personal story of domestic abuse and survival. This session will explore the issue of domestic violence and its impact on Womayn of the African Diaspora. Panelists will share their own experiencing while also providing attendees resources to aid other experiencing abuse.

  • #BlackGirlMasculine (Panel)

    • This session will examine the ideas, issues and contributions of queer, Black girls/women/non-binary identities of the female masculinities. This session will differentiate between gender expression, gender identity and sexuality while examining the intersections between each and its impact on the lives of WOAD.

  • #SayHerName (Panel Session)

    • This session will explore and discuss the impact of the work of WOAD activists, organizers, and criminal justice reformists. This session will also examine how their work continues to inspire and lead contemporary organizers that seek justice for womayn and girls of the African Diaspora negatively affected by the criminal justice system.   ​​​


Block # 2

1:15 - 2:15 pm

Block 3
(2:20-3:20 pm)
  • #ToTheGirls (Panel Session)

    • Author Courtney Summers popularized #ToTheGirls in April 2015, starting the hashtag as a way for older women to share words of wisdom and encouragement to teenage girls grappling with the sometimes harmful, sexist messaging they receive everyday. The hashtag resulted in thousands of inspiring tweets and messages hinging on confidence, body image, and self-love. This session will feature a mulit-generational panel of seasoned WOAD that will reflect and share their experiences dealing with misogyny, sexism and racism in their daily lives. How have things changed? What can we do to build upon the work of those before us? 

  • #MeToo (Interactive Session)**

    • Approximately 40% of WOAD report coercive sexual contact by age eighteen. WOAD are about 10% more likely to be attacked than their eurocentric counterparts. These are alarming statistics especially when considering that for every African-American woman who reports her rape, at least fifteen African-American women do not report theirs. This session will explore the affect of sexual violence and trauma, beginning with the acknowledgment that the sexual exploitation and abuse of  WOAD has deep historical context, and ending with how to heal and support oneself and others in a healthy and positive manner.  

  • #CiteBlackWomayn (Presentation Session)

    • This session, is based on Austin’s own, Dr. Christen Smith’s #citeBlackwomen movement, that pushes for WOAD academic works to be cited as resources. Cite Black Women’s Twitter page states, “It's simple: Cite Black Women. We have been producing knowledge since we blessed this earth. We theorize, we innovate, we revolutionize the world. Honor us.” This session will attempt to unpack the institutional forces that traditionally push WOAD to the back, the subsequent impact on the societal position of the WOAD, and what we can do to create our own spaces that honor the important contributions of WOAD. 

  • #BlackMamasMatter (Joint Presentation Session)

    • This will be a series of presentations from Womayn of the African Diaspora conducting research and combating the health disparities in birth outcomes among Womayn of the African Diaspora. This topic has been gaining momentum in the national news, most recently with Serena Williams and her post-birth scare. Womayn of the African Diaspora are 3-4 times more likely to die from pregnancy related deaths, while our babies are almost 3 times more likely to die. Hear from researchers and those on the ground what is really happening and what we can do to stop this endemic.


Block # 3

2:20 - 3:20 pm

Watch our exclusive footage from the once in a lifetime event.
17 breakout sessions. Over 50 presenters. All featuring Womayn of the African Diaspora.
The WOAD Summit is a recentering of the conversation about womayn of the African Diaspora from womayn of the African Diaspora.

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All those who wish to vend at must register under the option for Vendor Ticket for the Summit.

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Call For Volunteers 

The WOGM Summit & our other events happen with the support of many incredible volunteers. Every event, we partner with many of you to create a space intentionally for Womayn of the African Diaspora. Our volunteers provide their service to that our attendees can be holistically present in this incredible experience.


Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by a guardian. Volunteers are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your shift to meet the team and learn the landscape of the building and classrooms before your shift begins.   Volunteers might be asked to pose in pictures or might have pictures of them taken during the event.  If you are not interested in being photographed or on video, please select such option as listed below.


Please fill out this form to let us know where you'd like to serve & purchase your ticket for the summit to reserve your lunch.